Planned future certificate and degree offerings

The UGA Health Informatics Institute is in the early stages of developing its curriculum. We plan to develop and offer certificates in Health Care Informatics, Public Health Informatics, and Health Systems Modeling, and eventually a professional Master’s degree with a foundation curriculum to provide a base for specialization in these three areas of emphasis.

We do not yet offer any degrees or certificates. As we develop them, we will provide more information here.

Current Coursework with a Focus on Informatics

While we are still developing our formal certificate and degree programs, we already offer some courses that have informatics components. The following is a (non-exhaustive) listing of such courses taught by faculty affiliated with the Health Informatics Institute:

  • EPID/BIOS 8060 – Modern Applied Data Analysis: Covers a variety of modern approaches for analyzing and interpreting data commonly encountered in public health, biomedical sciences, and related areas.
  • BIOS 7400 – Research Data Management and Computing: Introduction to concepts and techniques of research data management in public health and biomedicine; use of computers and statistical programs to process and analyze biomedical and health-related data.
  • HPAM 8410 – Informatics and Analytics in Public Health Care Organizations: Examination of informatics in the U.S. health environment, data security and privacy, informatics terminology and technology, data standards, and health data sets. Students receive hands-on experience analyzing de-identified data sets utilizing data visualization software and devising a management operations plan from their results.